Welcome to Forever Marriage Enrichment Events

Pastors, you can contact us to schedule a marriage enrichment event to help couples in your church to enhance and improve their marriages.

Rekindling The Romance

Rekindling the Romance is an 6-8 session event that teaches couples basic Biblical principles to help the married couple grow in their oneness with each other. It covers such topics as It All Began With God, Biblical Roles, Basic Communication, How to Have a Godly Fight and more. Engaged couples may also attend.

Stoking The Fire 
Marriage Enrichment for the Soul and Spirit

This seminar is marriage enrichment for the soul and spirit. It also helps couples to understand God's plan for marriage at a slightly deeper level. It discusses commitment in six areas of love, intimacy, and soul.

Tune-Up and Energize Your Marriage!

This seminar is a retreat held annually. It is for the couple to tune up and energize their marriage. It covers Recharge Your Communication Skills, Recharge Your Marital Needs, Recharge Your Understanding of Roles and Responsibilities and Recharge Your Marriage Vision.
Recharge is an annual marriage retreat. All accommodations are paid. For more information or to register contact us by email or the contact page.
This is a great time to invest in your marriage at a reasonable cost!!!

A Victorious Marriage - Principles to  Reset Your Marriage. This event will help you to Live the Marriage that God Designed and Intended for You. Seven principles to deepen your friendship with your spouse.